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June 27, 2019

What Hotel Managers Want You to Know

Working with a hotel reservation sites for years means having valuable experience to share with our ever-so-important customers. We understand that the booking process can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially if the front desk isn’t answering your call. But all rest assured, we’re here to help and make sure this process can move forward as smoothly as possible. Today we’re going to state some not-so-well-known tips that can help both you and the hotel. Here’s what hotel managers would want you to know:

Image showing hotel reservation sites

Call the Hotel Directly

Many customers make the mistake of calling the reservation number to inquire and make a booking. But here’s the deal, you’ll probably get directed to a central office where it won’t be possible to negotiate at all. However, if you call the hotel directly then you might be able to negotiate around the rates and get a much better deal.

Know When To Expect a Discount

It’s important that you realize that if a hotel is not independently owned, the front desk officers can do nothing for you if you ask for a discount. They only have this authority when the hotel is independent and they’ve been given the permission to analyze the situation and offer suitable discounts.

Give The Housekeepers Some Time

Every day, the housekeepers knock on your door; give your room a swift clean up, making it spotless again. But they’re no robots and so, need some time to finish all the tasks. If they rush, they might end up doing a sloppy work and that might upset you more. Hotels expect from you the common courtesy of giving them the time to ready your room for another beautiful day.

Image showing best hotel booking siteImage showing best hotel booking site

Know That Check-In Time is Busy

Many people call for inquiries and booking details at the check-in time. This is a bad time because most hotels are swamped with guests waiting to check in and check out. Chances are that the hotel representative will not take your call, but if they do, they’ll probably try to rush through it so they can get back to dealing with the waiting guests.

Keep Coming Back to a Hotel

If you’re a frequent traveler, you should try becoming a loyal customer of a good hotel. Once you become a regular, the hotel staff will start to recognize you and that’d just mean an even better service. Not to mention, hotel regulars get some good discounts as well. What more could you ask for?

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