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July 7, 2019

Vacation Prep 101: When Should You Book a Hotel Room

If you travel regularly, you know that a whole lot of money goes into booking a hotel room. You want a great price on your hotel room but at the same time you’d love for it to offer as many amenities as possible.

Booking your hotel at the right time can get you a hotel room at an awesome price:

Here are some tips on when to book a hotel room:

Book Well In Advance

The rates of hotel rooms depend on the amounts of hotel reservations the hotel has the time you wish to go. If you’re looking to go during tourist season, it’s best to book well in advance when only a few others may have made reservations. As tourist season gets closer, the prices will hike sufficiently as the demand surpasses the supply of rooms.

Image showing hotel reservations

Book on the 11th Hour

Hotels lose money every time a room is left vacant during the night. It’s usually at this time when hotels slash their prices and offer last minute deals. Make your life easier and check out websites that collect last minute deals instead of looking at individual booking sites.

Book Weekdays

No matter how long or short a trip you’re planning, everyone wants their vacation to start on a weekend which is why the prices for hotel rooms are so much higher on weekends. If it is possible for you to start your holiday on a weekday, go for it! Booking a hotel room for weekdays can help you save a couple hundred dollars.

Ask For Deals

You’ll spot deals on booking sites but even when you don’t see anything online, contact the hotel and speak to them directly. Ask about any deals they’re currently offering and if they have others that may be coming up soon.

Use FlipFlop

Hotels typically won’t refund your money if you cancel last minute. In hopes of recovering some of the money they lost, people can sell their unwanted reservations to others who’re looking for cheap deals.

FlipFlop is a safe and easy-to-use platform for buying and selling unwanted reservations. Use our website to connect with people who’re willing to sell their hotel rooms for cheap prices; you can then enjoy your holiday, guilt-free. You may even want to extend it by a couple of days since you got the hotel at such a price.

Start looking for a reservation today!

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