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June 22, 2019

The Ultimate Love Den: Decorating Your Honeymoon Suite the Right Way

The love of a newly wed couple is one that deserves celebration. And what better way to celebrate than going for the perfect honeymoon? Well, you maybe disappointed to learn that finding a romantic honeymoon suite is not the easiest task. Even the best hotel booking site and most expensive hotels often fail when it comes to a dedicated honeymoon room. But a perfect honeymoon calls for a perfectly decorated honeymoon suite. Here are some decoration ideas that you can ask your hotel service to do for the special night:

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Bath For Two

After a long and tiring day, it’s not surprising that the romantic mood kind of slips away. But a romantic bath for two will put you back into that mood in no time. Get your bathtub or Jacuzzi decorated with some glass candles and some rose petals. Of course, a bubble bath is a must with a very delicious wine bottle to keep the mood up and going.

Canopy with Orchid

Your special night deserves some special touches. Make your bed a far more exquisite place to relax by adding a perfectly gorgeous canopy over it. Decorate it with some exquisite orchids, and make sure you choose colors that are soothing. Ask your hotel to find a flowy white fabric for the canopy so that it can be draped flawlessly to give the European wedding feels.

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Flower Carpet

Your newly wed bride deserves to feel like a royalty, and this flower carpet is the best way to do that. Have some fresh rose petals spread in a pathway as a carpet, and compliment it with some glass candles. The candles will light up her way to the beautifully decorated bed, convincing her that the life ahead is nothing but an absolute bliss.

Fruits and Champagne

A celebration without champagne is no celebration at all. A thoroughly classy and elegant idea, a bottle of bubbly is the ultimate tip to making your special night just perfect. One bottle of champagne along with two long-stepped wine glasses and an assorted fruits platter is everything that you need to keep the romantic feeling up and alive all-night-long.

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