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July 30, 2019

But First, Food- 5 Things to Have on Hotel Room Service Menu

Hotel room service is one of the first things you think about once you settle into your room. After all, food is an important part of travel, and we all know how good hotel food is.

Your hotel room service experience can make or break your experience at your hotel, so if you hold it in high regard, you may want to ensure it offers all your favorites.

Below we will discuss some things to have on a hotel service menu:

1. Comfort Food 

The number one thing that should not be overlooked when it comes to room service is comfort food. When you are tired and trying to relax, you need something that you can just grab and sink your teeth in. These include club sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. Make sure you have them all.

2. Finger picks or appetizers 

It is essential that you have to have finger foods that fulfill that small break of hunger between meals. Sometimes all we want is a quick snack instead of a full-fledged meal, and if your hotel room service offers you this, you won’t have to worry about buying snacks on the way home.

Image showing hotel room service

3. Traditional local dishes 

Many people don’t always want to go out and eat but would like to try the local cuisine of the place they’re visiting. If you’re all about trying new local foods, make sure your room service menu offers this.

4. Vegan meals 

If you’re vegan, this one’s for you. Vegan comfort food will always be your go-to option, and having it on your room service menu means you won’t have to stress about going far distances to find it. Not all cities have a huge variety of vegan dishes, and having it available at your hotel can give you peace of mind.

5. Seafood 

Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to a special meal, but you want to do it at your own comfort in front of the TV. There’s nothing like having the liberty to eat lobster or sushi in your pajamas.

When travelling, you don’t always want to dress up and go out to wine and dine. Sometimes you just want to enjoy these pleasures in your hotel room, so make sure you know what your hotel room service menu offers beforehand to avoid disappointments.

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