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May 13, 2019

10 Hotel Booking Mistakes to Avoid [Part 1]

Hotel room booking for a vacation or a business trip has never been easier. An abundance of quality hotels has resulted in endless discount packages including 3rd party websites offering hotel rooms at low prices. However, the added convenience makes it easy to commit simple mistakes that could end up ruining the entire trip!

In this 2-part blog, we go over the 10 common hotel booking mistakes you should avoid at all costs!

Image showing hotel room booking

Mistake # 1: Not Using Your Credit Card

Not using a credit card in the process of hotel room booking is quite literally the biggest mistake you could ever make. Not only does using credit cards provide guarantees such as refunds for mischarges and fraud protection, but it also offers rewards such as cash-back bonuses, airline miles, and free night stays – benefits not awarded when using cash or debit cards.

Different credit cards provide different hotel reservation benefits. Check out the useful blog on Nerdwallet that lists the top credit cards and the benefits they provide.

Mistake # 2: Expecting to Get the Best Room Each Time

Sometimes you get the room with the best view and sometimes you don’t. But there is a nifty trick to increase your chances. Many hotels reserve the best rooms for bookings made via the hotel website or by members of the hotel’s loyalty programs. In most cases, joining a hotel’s loyalty program is free so before you finally decide on booking a reservation; join the loyalty program if possible.

Mistake # 3: Using Incorrect Departure and Arrival Dates

Getting the arrival and departure dates wrong is a rookie mistake many travelers make. For example, you could have a flight during the day and make the hotel reservation for the night. But without confirming the arrival and departure times, your flight could be delayed, forcing you to pay for a non-refundable room.

Be sure to double-check the time and dates of your flight. Also, take into account the difference in time-zones. It also helps to have a friend or family member look over your bookings just in case.

Mistake # 4: Making Reservations at the Wrong Hotel

Misleading hotel names and locations have seen many travelers end up in the wrong hotels. People are quick to make reservations without verifying the location. Use Google maps to determine the exact location of your hotel. This also helps to identify whether there are restaurants, beaches, or other tourist attractions nearby.

Image showing buy and sell hotel rooms

Mistake # 5: Expecting Request to be fulfilled

Most hotel search engines provide the option to add comments and make requests. But little do people realize that most hotels don’t promise to fulfill requests. It’s usually written in the tiny, easy-to-miss fine print. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, call the hotel to see if the management is willing to make any changes. Doing so will help you in selecting the best hotel.

These were 5 common booking mistakes people usually make. In Part 2 of the blog, we’ll go over the next 5 to ensure that you go through that as well!

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